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Graduation 2012

On June 5, 2012, two HARC participants received their High School diplomas at a ceremony at HARC . Saul Gonzalez graduated from East Hartford High School and Alberto Vazquez graduated from Hartford High School. Dr. Stephen Becker officiated the ceremony with both graduates families in attendance. Congratulations to Saul and Alberto!

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  • Grad12: Alberto Vazquez & Saul Gonzalez 
  • Grad12: Diplomas 
  • Grad12: Mario Alvarez & Ebonie Hosendove  
  • Grad12: Steve Becker 
  • Grad12: Saul Gonzelez & Steve Becker 
  • Grad12: Alberto Vazquez & Steve Becker 
  • Grad12: Mario, Alberto, Saul, Darlene, Steve 
  • Grad12: Mario, Ebonie, Alberto Saul 
  • Grad12: Saul, Mario, Alberto 
  • Grad12: Steve Becker with Alberto & Saul's families. 
  • Grad12; Steve Becker with Alberto & his mom.  
  • Grad12: Mark cheers on graduates