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HARC Summer Olympics 2012

On Friday, August 10, HARC celebrated the closing ceremony of the Summer Olympics in style! 1952 Olympic gold medal winning sprint champion Lindy Remigino stopped by upon the invitation of one of his former Hartford High track stars, Nate. Lindy visited the Bulova Center to show off his medals and take part in the festivities. Everyone was dressed in patriotic or Olympic colors while teams competed to show off their Olympic spirit. Please take a look at the great pictures from Lindy and the rest of the HARC Olympic’s closing ceremony!

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  • SummerOlympics12: Nate & Lindy  
  • SummerOlympics12: Lindy watches himself win Gold 
  • SummerOlympics12: Lindy trades stories with Albert 
  • SummerOlympics12: Amy 
  • SummerOlympics12: David and Olympic bracelet 
  • SummerOlympics12: David B & Anika 
  • SummerOlympics12: Display 
  • SummerOlympics12: Display 
  • SummerOlympics12: Display 
  • SummerOlympics12: Good swimmers! 
  • SummerOlympics12: Ilya throws for a medal 
  • SummerOlympics12: Joey focused on game 
  • SummerOlympics12: Lakesha 
  • SummerOlympics12: Lucy with torch 
  • SummerOlympics12: Mike singing 
  • SummerOlympics12: Patrick 
  • SummerOlympics12: Rebecca and Michelle 
  • SummerOlympics12: Todd signs 
  • SummerOlympics12: Wanda smiles 
  • SummerOlympics12: Winning display