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HARC Client Races to a New Goal!

John P. Morgan is a resident of HARC’s West Hartford Individual Support Program (WHISP) since 2009. He works as a bagger at Whole Foods Market and is a frequent attendee at HARC events and outings. At the 2011 HARC Walk, John was with his coordinator Laurie O’Brien and admiring the many posters of HARC clients that adorned the walkway. He asked if it was possible to have his picture included in a future HARC publication. Laurie was thrilled: John had a goal!

Later in 2012, a great photo opportunity offered itself when several of John’s co-workers presented him with a Stockcar ride-along experience at Thompson Motor Speedway in Thompson, CT. A longtime racing fan, John was roaring to go and showed up at the track looking the part. Laurie knew that this was John’s big chance to achieve his goal of getting a photograph for a HARC publication. She started snapping photos and coaching John along the way about what makes a good photograph.

John started off a little reserved behind his dark glasses, but as the day progressed he was a photographer’s dream, taking pictures with his friend Ryan, in his racecar jacket and finally with his racing gear and helmet. When the big moment arrived John rode along like a champ with 1981 NASCAR Winston Cup Rookie of the Year, Ron Bouchard, for 2 laps.

John’s coordinator, Laurie O’Brien says that she keeps a copy of HARC’s mission statement on her desk to motivate her to help clients reach their goals: HARC, Inc. helps people with intellectual disability and their families enjoy lives of quality, inclusion and dignity by providing support, education and advocacy.

With Laurie and some friend’s help, John realized one of his goals that day of riding in a racecar. And today he realizes another goal of getting his picture shown in a HARC publication. Congratulations John!

See below for photographs of the day!