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Early Intervention: SteppingStones/Birth-to-Three

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Early detection and intervention can overcome many developmental delays associated with the first few years of life. HARC’s specialized clinical team works with families in their homes to help them understand their childrens' needs. The team also provides parents with training and gives direct one-to-one therapeutic support. SteppingStones coordinates the services required and puts families in touch with other social service resources they might need.

Birth-to-Three programs are sponsored by the State of Connecticut, and provide a broad range of early intervention services to children with developmental delays. Founded in 1996, SteppingStones is among the largest providers of Birth-to-Three Services in Connecticut. We pride ourselves in using a team approach  representing a full range of developmental specialties including physical, occupational, and speech therapies, special/early childhood education, a social services and nutrician. SteppingStones provides translation services reflecting the diversity of our community.

Little Girl

Early Intervention Is Key

Children learn and develop faster during the first three years of life than at any other time. Early intervention during these years helps many children overcome developmental delays. Because everyday routines and experiences provide the best opportunities for a child to learn and succeed, SteppingStones’ services take place in the home, daycare or other community settings familiar to the child. SteppingStones fosters a partnership with parents, who are the most important influence in the child’s life. This helps the parents and family to learn skills and strategies presented by their SteppingStones specialist. Through SteppingStones, parents and family become an integral part of the child’s early intervention program.

Your family’s SteppingStones experience will include:

  • Developmental evaluations to determine eligibility
  • Ongoing assessments of your child’s progress
  • Service planning (goals, objectives, and strategies) based on individual needs
  • Activity based home visits to address communications, learning, motor skills, social/emotional and other concerns. 
  • Parent counseling, education and coaching
  • Behavior management techniques and programs
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Links to other families and resources such as daycare, health insurance, financial assistance and job training
  • Equipment and items to improve your child’s capabilities (assistive technology)
  • Transition to pre-school or other community settings at age three
  • Family support and respite services

For more information on the SteppingStones Birth-to-Three program contact:

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