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Residential Services


Among our families' greatest concerns is, "Where will my child live when it’s time for the next step of independence?”  In response to this concern, HARC offers an array of community based residential opportunities that emphasize the physical and emotional well-being of its residents.

HARC works with the entire family in determining a vision for the future and assists with the emotional and practical issues associated with making a successful transition. Our family-style culture promotes respect, dignity, self-determination, and competence.

Each individual has a carefully developed Individual Plan (IP) that is developed by the team. It typically consists of the resident, family, support staff, case manager and other significant people. All areas of life are considered including medical, self help, cooking, banking, transportation, personal care, and recreation.

Types of Residences

HARC provides residential support in a variety of settings: group homes, condominiums, and apartments. Supports range from intermittent to extensive depending on the needs and preferences of the individuals and their families. Some people like the camaraderie that group living provides; others may prefer living alone or with a roommate.

Eligibility/Area Served

HARC serves individuals and families in the Greater Hartford area. Our residential program focuses on people with intellectual disability. We work closely with the Connecticut Department of Developmental Services (DDS) - North Region. To apply for services from the DDS, please contact its Eligibility Unit at 1-866-433-8192.


The fees for residential services are based upon the individual's level of need and type of residential program selected.  HARC will assist you in working with DDS to secure state and federal assistance. We will also assist in proper application for the waiting list.


For more information on Residential Services, please contact:

Marian Leist
VP, Residential & Community Services
HARC, Inc.
900 Asylum Avenue